Watering of Gardens

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Dear Owner/ Resident,

#JoburgUpdates: Residents are reminded that watering times for gardens have

changed back to between 18:00 and 06:00. As per the water restrictions

stipulated in section 44 (3) of the Water Services By-law as follows:

ú        Watering of gardens is only allowed between 18:00-06:00 (1

September to 31 March); and between 16:00-08:00 (1 April to 31 August).

ú         It is still prohibited to use hosepipes to clean paved areas and

driveways with municipal water.

Residents are also urged to continue to use water wisely and remain active

partners in reducing the amount of water used within the city.

 Residents are advised to check the Johannesburg Water website for water

saving tips: or subscribe to the Johannesburg

Water SMS notification service for alerts on planned or unplanned service


More information can be obtained on Twitter: @jhbwater or Facebook:

Johannesburg Water. #SaveWater ^PS

Author: RE/MAX Proprentos

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